MCU Big Screen to Little Screen, are the Stakes real?

Marvel continues to pump out tons of contents for us nerds to consume. There’s never been a shortage of books to pick up and flip through but in the past, if we wanted to watch something live action we had a waiting period between projects. Now between the movies we have the TV and Netflix series to keep us satiated until the next blockbuster empties our wallets. The studio’s have done a solid job on the movie front, the tv studios have had varying results. Avenger’s Infinity War did some pretty large scale, game changing things to the MCU. Things that have far reaching consequences and affect every Marvel Studio property that is tied the MCU. Since Marvel doesn’t want to give anything away for Avenger’s 4, they have to work within the current timeline. This complicates things for projects that are already on the go, or have been completed post Infinity War.

One of the things I like about the new era of Marvel movies is they do a great job at making you feel like the stakes are real. We’ve all read comics and we all know that characters don’t always stay dead, the world always gets saved, and cities get rebuilt. The issue now is, we know how it’s going to end up, Thanos will snap his fingers and half of the universal population is going to get dusted. This entered my mind several times watching the latest season of Luke Cage. Sure it’s awesome to watch Cage slug it out and save Harlem once again. Not to mention the show has always had an awesome sound track, but that’s a separate point. But what happens once Cage wins the day? What happens when he triumphs over the baddies? Harlem is safe (safer? safe-ish?) now. This season clearly takes place before Infinity War, so now what? Fast forward to Thanos and what happens? Is Cage gone?  Who know’s, but I feel it kind of softens the victory.

Another MCU event out right now is Ant Man 2, which I have not seen yet. Unfortunately I didn’t use proper caution when traversing the internet and accidentally stumbled into spoilers. Lucky for the ass that decided it was a good idea to spoil the movie the next day, I don’t watch Ant Man for it’s pivotal impact on the MCU, I watch it for a fun comedic journey and Paul Rudd. Although the spoiler gives away how it fits into the current MCU landscape, it won’t wreck the movie for me.  **SPOILER TIME** From what I read about the end credit scenes,  they show that Hank Pym and his family become dust while Scott Lang is trapped inside of the Quantum Realm. They gave him all kinds of warnings about getting stuck and going into temporal vortex’s etc. Up until the end scene, the movie takes place before Infinity War. Again, the hero struggles over evil and eventually wins a hard fought victory, but does Thanos soften that victory as well? Knowing what happens in Ant Man 2 does make one wonder if Lang will play a larger role in saving the universe. Will it involve time travel? Possibly the quantum realm has some connection with the Soul Stone realm? These are all just my opinions and I invite a constructive discussion for those who want to weigh in.

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